Rain Valdez

Rain Valdez is an American actress, writer, and producer.

Guest Appearances

October 1, 2020

Well, first up Dave is teaching an online personal essay workshop at Dynasty Typewriter starting Oct. 7th, so we should all definitely sign up for that (link below.) THEN the prolific and incredible Rain Valdez joins the guys to discuss doing your own COVID nose test, at home workouts, thoughts on networking in a post COVID world, Schitt’s Creek, Veep, Ugly Betty, creating/writing/crowdfunding/producing and starring in Razor Tongue, what it was like to get nominated for her first Primetime Emmy Award, not wanting to be the party pooper or disrupter, zoom dinner dates, and how worthiness starts with yourself- which is really hard, but possible!
Dave’s Essay Writing Class: https://www.dynastytypewriter.com/whats-your-story

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