Randy Denton

Origin Story Donor Randy Denton was born in Texas in July of 1961 and grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska. He spent six years in the Army (Ft. Knox, Indianapolis, Wurzburg, Germany and Washington, DC). He’s lived in Hawaii but is currently located in San Antonio and married to the lovely Paula. Randy is thrilled to be an official representative of Chartists and to give voice to the joy spread by the show. Who Charted is his favorite podcast, PFT (the Mayor of Show Business) his favorite guest and Andy Kindler his favorite stand-up.

Guest Appearances

January 21, 2015

Howard and Kulap kick off the episode with How To Act: a detailed analysis on how to not disturb the vista of others. The crew then welcomes Origin Story Donor and loyal Chartist, Randy Denton. During a special chart of Top Country Downloads, Randy gives a quick lesson on the economics of Banking in America and what makes San Antonio unique. As they count down the week’s top movies, Howard shares his multiple attempts at watching Birdman, which he actually sorta likes. Lastly, in a special edition of The Tweet Chart, Howard gives all Chartists a lesson on how to ask questions.