Rob McElhenney

Rob McElhenney is the blessed saint responsible for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and for that we must thank him. Seriously, he writes and directs and produces and stars in it! I feel like that’s kind of enough for his bio since it’s the best credit ever, but in researching I found out that he “is left handed and his favorite color is orange” (thanks Wikipedia) so I figured I should include that. Mostly ironically.

Guest Appearances

September 16, 2011

Mac and The Q Crew, together again! Rob McElhenney, fresh off the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia season premiere, stops by Sklarbro Country to discuss the manliest of subjects: Smoking, fighting, power lifting and, of course, fatherhood. Following that interview we have Bryant Gumbel who talks to us about, well, following up interviews. Plus we’ve got sports news courtesy of Paul Hamm, Manny Ramirez, and the NHL. Hello and “HENDERSON!” to any new listeners, and be sure to pick up a limited edition signed copy of Hendersons and Daughters from the Earwolf store.