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ROBERT EVANS is the host of ‘Cracked Gets Personal’, and leads the Personal Experiences team at His articles rack up an average of sixty-four million views a year. He was a contributor to the bestselling You Might Be a Zombie and The De-Textbook.

Guest Appearances

August 16, 2017

On this inaugural episode of the Cracked Gets Personal, Brandon Johnson and Robert Evans look into the world of emergency medicine. This podcast features stories from two doctors, an ER nurse, and a physician’s assistant. They’ve got insane tales of butt-based disasters, alligator hunts gone wrong and the dumbest patients they’ve ever encountered. They also try to help us answer humankind’s most pressing question: which gender is more likely to accidentally lose foreign objects inside themselves?

Episode two of Cracked Gets Personal is available now on its own feed, and new episodes will be released every Wednesday. Search for “Cracked Gets Personal” on your podcast app of choice or click here to subscribe on Apple Podcasts:

August 14, 2017

For years, Cracked’s Personal Experience section has been home to some of the highest-performing articles on our site. We’ve interviewed doctors, former cult members, and basically every kind of prostitute imaginable.

Despite the success of these articles, there’s been one thing we can’t translate adapting our hard-hitting interviews into text on a screen: our subjects’ voices. So, for the last year we’ve been secretly taping conversations to create a podcast version of our 10 favorite Personal Experience subjects, and that season 1 of that podcast is premiering this Wednesday as Cracked Gets Personal.

And this week on the show, Alex Schmidt is welcoming Cracked Gets Personal’s hosts, Robert Evans and Brandon Johnson, for a discussion of how this mini-series came together, how the Personal Experience articles get written and how CGP deftly tackles the subjects of police brutality, the opiod epidemic and butts…lots of things getting stuck up lots of butts.

To catch the first two episodes of Cracked Gets Personal on Wednesday, August 16th search for it in your podcast app of choice or click here to subscribe on Apple Podcasts:

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