Robert Popper

Robert Popper is a multiple award-winning British comedy producer, writer, actor, and author, best known as co-creator of the mock BBC documentary Look Around You, and creator of Channel 4’s sitcom “Friday Night Dinner”. He also wrote the bestselling books The Timewaster Letters, Return of The Timewaster Letters and The Timewaster Diaries under the pseudonym Robin Cooper.

Guest Appearances

May 8, 2013

Britain invades Portland as award winning comedians Robert Popper & Peter Serafinowicz join Howard & Kulap to chart it up on today’s LIVE episode from the Bridgetown Comedy Festival! The gang covers Billboard’s Top New Age albums and the Top 2013 Domestic Grossing films. We also hear about Robert’s time-wasting antics under the pseudonym Robin Cooper & Peter’s incredible Darth Vader impression during a game of Chart Roulette. That’s not all, we’re also treated to a Dragon Boy Suede performance and an audience Q&A!