Ron Dante

Ron Dante is an American singer, songwriter, session vocalist, and record producer. Dante is best known as the lead singer of the fictional cartoon band The Archies, as well as the group The Cuff Links. He is also well known as the co-producer of Barry Manilow’s first nine albums.

Guest Appearances

May 29, 2017

Pop vocalist, record producer and “Sugar Sugar” singer Ron Dante joins Gilbert and Frank for an engaging and enjoyable conversation about the history of the legendary Brill Building, the birth of The Archies, the magic touch of Don Kirshner (and Barry Manilow) and the lost art of commercial jingles. Also, Ron mimics Donovan, Larry Fine throws in the towel, Paul Shaffer goes deep-sea fishing and Carole King’s babysitter tops the charts. PLUS: “Leader of the Laundromat”! The fabulous Toni Wine! The 1910 Fruitgum Company! “The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan”! And the return of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”!