Samantha Henig

Samantha is the editorial director for audio at The New York Times and the co-author of “Twentysomething,” a book on the culture and science of being young, which she wrote with her mother, Robin Marantz Henig.

Samantha previously worked at the Times as the deputy for features and the digital editor of the Sunday magazine. Before that she worked at The New Yorker as the digital news editor and at Newsweek, both in print and online, and she helped launch DoubleX, a women’s web magazine that was part of the Slate Group. While at Slate, she recorded and produced podcasts of the “Explainer” column, and wrote and starred in a series of videos.

Samantha lives in Brooklyn with her husband, daughter, and cat, Henry. During her time in New York, she has been an active volunteer with Girls Write Now and the News Literacy Project.

Guest Appearances

July 20, 2017

Samantha Henig, Editorial Director for Audio at the New York Times, joins Chris Bannon on The Wolf Den. The two discuss the creation and challenges of her hugely successful new daily news podcast, The Daily, as well as new opportunities for short-form daily podcasts. Samantha also explains how the Times itself defines what makes a Times podcast. Plus, managing the paper’s famous editorial wall between advertising and journalism. And finally, the pros and cons of fielding podcast pitches.

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