Sarah Pappalardo

Sarah Pappalardo is an editor and co-founder of Reductress.

Guest Appearances

Ruffling Our Panties

Fake The Nation #235January 14, 2021

Sarah Pappalardo and Dustin Chafin join Negin to discuss the aftermath of the Capitol riots, including the Republican response to calls for Trump's impeachment. Later, they analyze their own love/hate relationships with food during the pandemic.


What Does Thanksgiving Look Like In 2020?

Fake The Nation #228November 26, 2020

Judah Friedlander and Jody Avirgan join Negin to talk turkey, Croatian family traditions, and Thanksgiving 2020. Later on, Tochi Onyebuchi and Sarah Pappalardo break down what boredom really means. Sarah explains why we're actually all dogs. Honestly, it makes sense.


Cognitively Elegant

Fake The Nation #220October 1, 2020

Tochi Onyebuchi and Sarah Pappalardo join Negin to break down the most insane moments of Tuesday night's presidential debate. They also discuss whether composting is a form of doomsday prepping and dig into Trump's taxes. Sarah explains why the $750 that Trump…


Jowls Flapping in the Wind

Fake The Nation #192March 19, 2020

Sarah Pappalardo and Sam Dingman join Negin for a fully remote episode of Fake the Nation. They get into how Coronavirus is affecting everyday life politically and personally, plus the latest on the Democratic primary.


Subscribe, Make Out

Fake The Nation #178December 12, 2019

Andrew Heaton and Sarah Pappalardo join Negin to discuss the latest on impeachment hearings and whether Baby Yoda should run for office. Then they dissect the rise of sassy "Mommy Merch" and Nicolas Kristof’s article, The 4 Secrets of Success.


PB&J 365

Fake The Nation #152June 13, 2019

Negin opens the Fake the Nation vault for previously unheard discussions with your podcast best friends such as Paul F. Tompkins, Rhea Butcher, Sarah Pappalardo, Jon Lovett, Dan Taberski, and Aaron Jackson. This episode is sponsored by The Citizenry ( code: FAKE) and…


Trade, Facebook, Dragons

Fake The Nation #148May 16, 2019

Jon Lovett (Crooked Media) and Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) join Negin to talk about the tariff war, digital monopolies, and the final season of Game of Thrones. Spoilers for all these subjects, by the way. This episode is sponsored by Vistaprint ( code: FAKE)…


Why Don't We Got To Church Anymore?

Fake The Nation #116September 27, 2018

Negin take a breather from the dizzying news cycle to kick back and gab with some of her favorite friends and comedians. A cast of all-star guests convene to talk about dating and desirability and how parenting has changed over the years.…


The Reality TV White House

Fake The Nation #110August 16, 2018

Comedians Chris Duffy (Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas) and Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) join Negin to dish about the latest in White House drama including Omarosa’s secret tapes and Trump’s decision to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance. Then, the panel shares favorite Aretha Franklin…


Mancala & Macarena (w/ Christine Nangle, Sarah Pappalardo)

Dr Gameshow #40July 17, 2018

Comedy writers Christine Nangle (The Break with Michelle Wolf) & Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) join Jo & Manolo to play listener-created games with callers, including a special call from Zach Reino (Off Book: The Improvised Musical podcast). Games played: Better Than Beethoven, Pizza…


The Belly of a Whale

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes all back to Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guests are Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, editors and co-founders of Reductress! Beth and Sarah chat about whether or not they’ve ever stolen anything, being propositioned by an older…


Trump Plays Nice for Congress

Fake The Nation #35March 3, 2017

Sarah Pappalardo (The Reductress) and John Fugelsang (Tell Me Everything) join Negin to talk about Jeff Sessions, Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress, his habit of attacking the press, and a gun-related ruling in Florida. Plus, John explains some…


A Revolving Door of Crazies

Fake The Nation #25December 23, 2016

If variety is the spice of life, today's Christmas grab bag episode is zesty af. Negin shares a newsy dispatch from under parents' roof in Palm Springs before talking with Seema Iyer (The Bollywood Lawyer) and Charlie Pickering (The Weekly) about why…


Duct-Taped Republic

Fake The Nation #22December 2, 2016

Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) and Frank Conniff (Mystery Science Theater 3000) join Negin as first-time guests to talk about the Jill Stein-led recount effort, Fidel Castro's death, and Donald Trump's cabinet picks. Plus, presidential conflicts of interest, Negin's trip to Cuba, and tips for…


Beth Newell and Sarah Pappalardo, Our Good Friends

Hollywood Handbook #160November 15, 2016

Hayes and Sean have a discussion with BETH NEWELL and SARAH PAPPALARDO from Reductress about their new book "How to Win at Feminism" in a show that is not changed at all by the results of the election.   This episode is…


Sarah Pappalardo

Get Up On This #249June 21, 2016

Sarah Pappalardo of Reductress joins Jensen and Matty to talk about The Avalanches album "Wildflower", The Nice Guys, Tickled, how we were late on The Oh, Hello Show, Paradox Interactive games, House of Cards, and many more things you should know about.…

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