Sasheer Zamata

Sasheer Zamata Moore, known professionally as Sasheer Zamata, is an American actress and comedienne who became a featured player on Saturday Night Live beginning January 18, 2014. Zamata was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and is a 2004 graduate of Pike High School. She is the daughter of Ivory Steward and a father who was a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force. She attended the University of Virginia, and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Zamata was a founding member of the University’s long-form improv comedy troupe, Amuse Bouche.

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Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata

Gayle & Oprah. Bonnie & Clyde. Nicole & Sasheer. Enter the pantheon of best friendship. When you’re forced to change your number, are sick of being single, or want to take a pole-dancing class, you’re going to need a best friend...and if you don’t, you can still have this podcast.

Guest Appearances

Church of Commercials

Comedy Bang Bang #726October 3, 2021

Comedian, actor, and Home Economics star Sasheer Zamata joins Scott to talk about the commercial for Home Economics, playing a ghost in the new movie Muppets Haunted Mansion, and witches. Then, party planner Harper L. Cosmopolitan stops by to talk about her…


All Insects Gotta Go (w/ Sasheer Zamata)

The SAP crew has an eye opening discussion about circumcision, and the boys were not ready! Later on, Sasheer Zamata shares what it was like working on her new show 'Home Economics' during the pandemic. She also tells the dramatic story of…


Sasheer Zamata

Actress and comedian Sasheer Zamata joins Andy to discuss her origins in Okinawa and Indiana, why stage fright never fazed her, and possibly the world's worst therapist. Sasheer also talks about her role in the new show Home Economics.


Creative Juices (w/ Sasheer Zamata)

Come tend to your lady garden with the queen of comedy herself, Sasheer Zamata! Sasheer stars in the new Hulu show Woke with Lamorne Morris that is guaranteed to make your September quarantine that little bit better. Tune in for couples therapy, annoying proposals and…


The CIA Swindler with Sasheer Zamata

Scam Goddess #50September 7, 2020

What's poppin, con-gregation? Sasheer Zamata drops by the pod this week to expose the man who told people he was a government spy who needed money and those people were like "sure." Plus, a clip from the Scam Goddess premium show Con-Fessions, hosted…


The Robbies

Comedy Bang Bang #662June 28, 2020

Rory Scovel, Sasheer Zamata and Mary Holland join Scott to talk about their new Comedy Central show “Robbie.” Then, Navy SEAL Francis Stork stops by to discuss their vast amount of jobs and catchphrases. Later, community organizer Tyler explains why he sets…


Friend Boundaries (w/ Sasheer Zamata)

Yo, Is This Racist? #1042September 3, 2019

Sasheer Zamata (Best Friends, SNL) joins Andrew and Tawny to discuss caller questions about a husband’s racist impressions, boundaries in friend groups, and more. Plus, comedian/writer Joey Clift joins Andrew to discuss Dior’s Sauvage perfume ad which has Native American cultural appropriation…


Sasheer Zamata, Casey Ley, Greg Barris, Brent Sullivan, Amy Estes and host Cameron Esposito

Cam talks PYHT, reincarnation and Janelle Monáe. Sets from Brent Sullivan, Greg Barris, Amy Estes, Sasheer Zamata and Casey Ley.


Nicole Hates Hotel Dresser Drawers

Nicole shares a story of a recent Tarot card reading and opening herself up for love, and Sasheer encourages her to explore her spiritual side. They discuss what they learned from a documentary on circumcision, Beyonce + Gwyneth Paltrow’s best friendship, and…


Introducing Best Friends

Raised By TV #56.5June 12, 2019

Best Friends with Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata is out now! Listen for an exclusive clip from the show, then subscribe on your favorite podcast app!


Hercules: LIVE! (w/ Leslye Headland, Sasheer Zamata)

Director Leslye Headland (Russian Doll) and Sasheer Zamata (Best Friends, SNL) joins Paul and Jason to discuss the 1983 science fiction-fantasy adventure film Hercules starring Lou Ferrigno. Recorded live at Largo in Los Angeles, they talk about the robots, Hercules tossing a…


Sasheer Zamata in What's in Thrift Store?

Actress and comedian Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night Live, Pizza Mind []) joins Zach and Jess for a new musical packed with anthropomorphic clothing, Mykonos references, Macklemore and more! With songs like "Really Need A Sweater", "Fun Memory of Gary" and "Denim Swan Song", you'll never want…


Future Chill (with Sasheer Zamata and Marc Evan Jackson)

Supergroup #3February 19, 2019

It's a double comedian week, as Marc Evan Jackson and Sasheer Zamata join Alex & Tawny to write a new wave dance track inspired by the times they got in trouble as children.


Sasheer Zamata, Our Fyre Fest Friend

Hollywood Handbook #278February 18, 2019

The Boys and SASHEER ZAMATA premiere their own Fyre Fest documentary. This episode is sponsored by Robinhood (, Harry's (, and Quip (


Best of i4h Vol. 8

improv4humans #335March 22, 2018

The humons have voted, and here are your favorite scenes of 2017! These performances feature Andy Daly, Bob Dassie, Mary Holland, Lauren Lapkus, Erin Whitehead, Stephanie Allynne, Mookie Blaiklock, Craig Rowin, Brandon Gardner, Tim Meadows, Shaun Diston, Chad Carter, Horatio Sanz, Rafe…


Danny Jolles, Kyle Mizono and hosts Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher

Cam and Rhea talk "Take My Wife," k.d. lang and "The Shape of Water." Sets from Kyle Mizono and Danny Jolles, and chats with Nate Fernald, Chris Garcia, Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer.


We're Like So Popular, It's Crazy (w/ Sasheer Zamata, Matteo Lane)

Dr Gameshow #7November 29, 2017

Comedians Sasheer Zamata and Matteo Lane join Jo and Manolo to play listener-submitted games with callers.  Games played: That's A Wrap, Dr. Gym Shoe, and High School Musical Reunion.


Brick of Coffee: LIVE from SXSW

improv4humans #283March 23, 2017

Jason Mantzoukas, Sasheer Zamata, Noël Wells, Horatio Sanz, and Dan Deacon join Matt Besser for live scenes about confusing coffee shop measurements, selling celebrity turds on eBay, and a low-budget rock tour. Plus, Lou Reed seeks snacks, and Dan uses his electronic…


Training Day

"King Kong ain't got shit on me!" SNL's Sasheer Zamata joins Kevin & Kamau to talk about the Denzel the world wasn’t ready for in 2001’s Training Day. Plus, we have some new Black People Homework and Denzel News!


Brokering Peace With Meatloaf

Sklarbro Country #262July 31, 2015

This week, Randy and Jason explain why gophers are no longer the biggest threat to a golf course and why Hulk Hogan would be better served by never having any thoughts. Then, the Sklars welcome to the show Sasheer Zamata who discusses…

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