Scott Novich

Dr. Novich is an Electrical & Computer Engineer and Neuroscientist working with Dr. Eagleman at Baylor College of Medicine. His thesis work on non-invasive sensory augmentation under the advisement of Dr. Eagleman provides the foundation for NeoSensory’s technology.

Guest Appearances

November 8, 2015

In the last few years ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Elysium’ showed near-futures where soldiers weren’t limited by their physical capabilities, but instead were enhanced by mech-suits. It’s a concept that provides for very entertaining movies, but considering we have no plans to fight hordes of aliens or wage a class war on the Lamborghini of space stations, can mech-suits have any real-life applications to us in the coming years? Or are they strictly limited to warfare?


Let’s say mech-suits do become a routine part of daily life. Will they help us for the better or just turn us into the soft and doughy humans like those aboard the starship Axiom in ‘Wall-E’?


Jack O’Brien ask all of these questions and more of Oliver Mayer, Principal Engineer at GE Global Research and an expert in robotics, who believes we’re all a little bit cyborg already. Jack is then joined by Scott Novich, the co-founder and CTO of NeoSensory, Inc., a company helping the deaf hear by harnessing an underused sense: touch. From there, they talk about how this technology could potentially lead to humans gaining new senses.