Scott Rodgers

Scott Rodgers is one of the many bright minds and handsome faces the UCB churns out. His credits at that beloved theater include Comedy Bang Bang, The Charlyne Yi Show, 420 Funny, and probably most notably Freakdance, which Matt Besser recently converted into a movie. He’s also in the rad band The Cotillionaires whose EP you can get for free if you follow the website link over to the right.

Guest Appearances

Inquisitive Triplets

improv4humans #73March 21, 2013

Sean Conroy, Mike Still, and Scott Rodgers join Matt Besser for a very special musical episode of improv4humans! Bobby Matthews of Dragoon aka the i4h house band is in the studio to perform some songs that will inspire improvised scenes about an…


Malibu Ayahuasca Tea Party

improv4humans #63January 17, 2013

Join humans Billy Merritt, Joe Hartzler, and Scott Rodgers as they take you on an improv laced journey that includes all the big drugs today’s improv4humans! They’ll strut their asses, freestyle ad jingles, and throw a Malibu Ayahuasca Tea Party with some…


Hooker Blood

Let's be honest, this is the most boring time of year. What are you going to do? Carve pumpkins with your weirdo friends? Watch the political debates and pretend you know what's going on? Get high and watch The Wonder Years on…

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