Shakira Barrera

Shakira Barrera is a Nicaraguan-American actress and dancer from Englewood, New Jersey. She is best known for her role as “Yolanda” aka “Yo-Yo” on Netflix’s Emmy Nominated “Glow”.

Guest Appearances

August 26, 2019

This week Tony has a pica, and it’s about a particular negative comment about the show, which leads to a larger conversation about the diversity of the Latinx experience, toxic shame, and code switching. Then actress and dancer, Shakira Barrera ( GLOW, It’s Bruno!), stops by to chat about her character and training regimen for her Netflix series GLOW, her work with Amigo’s de Nicaragua. Finally, Shakira asks Tony, Raiza, Oscar and Carlos to join her 60 day fitness challenge before jumping in on a the improv set. 

Check out Shakira on instagram @shakirabarrera Twitter @Shakirax3 and check out and support Amigos de Nicaragua





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