Shannon Woodward

Shannon Woodward is an American actress. She played Sabrina on Raising Hope and Di Di Malloy on The Riches. In 2016 Woodward played Elsie Hughes, a programmer, in a regular role on the HBO series Westworld.

Guest Appearances

September 27, 2021

Elsa’s in for a surprise when an alien she attempts to dissect isn’t quite dead yet. Feat. special guest Shannon Woodward.

December 14, 2020

Actress Shannon Woodward talks with Andy Richter about getting started as a child actor, stories from filming Westworld, and her answers to the Inside the Actors Studio questionnaire.

September 28, 2017

Actress Shannon Woodward joins Sarah and Susan to talk about the end of My Girl 2, The Wear Sunscreen speech from the Chicago Tribune that Baz Luhrmann turned into a song, and Ryan Adams’ “Dear Chicago.”

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May 29, 2017

Paul F. Tompkins welcomes ladies and gentlemen to this moment in time known as Spontaneanation! This week, Paul’s special guest is actress Shannon Woodward of HBO’s Westworld! They chat about what was the most embarrassed Shannon has ever been, the early days of competing for dial-up internet access, and the wastefulness of dirt. Paul is then joined by Sarah Burns, Nyima Funk, and Rebecca Delgado Smith, to improvise a story set in an Ice Cream Shop in the Winter. And as always, Eban (only the best) Schletter scores it all on piano! 

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