Stan Tatkin

Stan Tatkin is the founder of the PACT Training Institute and the developer of PACT—A Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy. PACT is an integration of neuroscience, arousal regulation, and attachment theory.

Guest Appearances

How Do You Know If Your Bae Is The One? with Dr. Stan Tatkin

Dr. Stan Tatkin is author of the new book We Do, and he returns to talk with Jonathan about relationships, couples therapy, what goes into forming a functional relationship, the physical effects of a bad relationship, determining happiness, stress, and more. Find…


How Can We Navigate Dating And Love? with Dr. Stan Tatkin

Jonathan sits down with therapist and author Stan Tatkin to talk about how we can create meaningful and fulfilling relationships with other human beings. Plus, they discuss dating as a numbers game, the idea of soulmates, and Jonathan asks for love advice…

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