Steve Agee

Steve Agee really likes making videos, tweeting, and being funny. While many recognize him as Steve Myron from The Sarah Silverman Program, he is probably most well known for live-streaming a reading of the names of all his twitter followers. He wrote for Jimmy Kimmel Live for three years and has acted in Jesus is Magic, Super, and Comedians of Comedy: Live at the Troubadour.

Guest Appearances

Steve Agee

Actor and Comedian Steve Agee joins Andy Richter to talk about being sent to military school, finding his way into comedy, making stuff with his friends, and more.


Mannequin Two: On the Move (Re-Release)

How Did This Get Made? is taking a break this week and re-releasing another fun Stewart Raffill film for those of you who loved Tammy and The T-Rex. Or is it Tanny? You know what nevermind, enjoy this classic episode with guest Steve…


LIVE - Hollywood Improv, Part 2

Voyage to the Stars #24August 5, 2019

In part two of this LIVE version of Voyage to the Stars the crew decides to enjoy some R&R on a planet where everything is decided by gambling. Featuring special guests Steve Agee and Ify Nwadiwe.


LIVE - Hollywood Improv, Part 1

In this LIVE version of Voyage to the Stars the crew decides to enjoy some R&R on a planet where everything is decided by gambling. Featuring special guests Steve Agee and Ify Nwadiwe.


Lemon Pizza Pie

Who Charted? #440May 21, 2019

Actor and comedian Steve Agee joins Howard, Stard and Hugo to pull up to the last corner before summah on another Who Charted! Steve shares his thoughts on playing a Renaissance boss on the show American Princess and they celebrate the new…


Happy 400th!

Who Charted? #400August 8, 2018

Holy moly! Who Charted celebrates 400 episodes with special guest co-host Kulap Vilaysack and milestone champion Steve Agee! They join Howard, Stard and Kev to dive into the Top 5 from the Billboard 200 while we find out what’s new in the…


Steve Agee

Guest host Samm Levine and the delightful Steve Agee attempt to answer fan questions, chat about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and discuss their personal favorite roles.


Always Willing To Walk

Who Charted? #380March 21, 2018

Comedian and actor Steve Agee joins Howard and guest co-host Natasha Leggero for this week’s Who Charted! We’ll hear about Matthew McConaughey’s bumper stickers while they ponder the next musical revolution during the Music Chart, and Natasha celebrates her newfound religion while…


Dragon's Hoard

Who Charted? #365November 29, 2017

Work off that Thanksgiving turkey, Steve Agee returns for another landmark episode of Who Charted! He helps Howard and Kulap count down Billboard’s Top 5 Rock Songs while they mourn the state of the modern musical and Steve gives the scoop on…


Meatballs with Russ Banham

I Was There Too #73October 25, 2017

Author and director Russ Banham joins Matt and guest co-host Steve Agee to discuss his role as Bobby Crockett in the 1979 classic comedy Meatballs. Russ tells of how his unusual wardrobe helped him during his audition before sharing stories of filming…


Tommy Bahama Store

Paul F. Tompkins slowly eases listeners into this week’s Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is Arden Myrin of MADtv, Shameless, and Will You Accept This Rose! They chat about the last time Arden pretended to know something, just starting to…


Episode 037: Goldeneye with Steve Agee

James Bonding #37August 15, 2017

Steve Agee joins the Matts for a revisit of the Pierce Brosnan Classic(?), Goldeneye. Plus, the latest Bond 25 news with our man in the east, Phil Nobile Jr.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with Steve Agee

I Was There Too #65July 5, 2017

Matt is back from his honeymoon to interview Steve Agee about his role as Gef the Ravager in the 2017 Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. In a I Was There Too first, Matt and Steve have a pre-interview before…


Ant-Man and Prisoners with David Dastmalchian and guest hosted by Steve Agee!

I Was There Too #61May 10, 2017

While Matt is off getting married and honeymooned, I Was There Too will feature a special run of guest hosted episodes! This week actor David Dastmalchian joins guest host Steve Agee to discuss the 2013 thriller Prisoners and the 2015 superhero film…



Who Charted? #300August 31, 2016

Actor and veteran chartmeister Steve Agee joins Howard, Kulap, and Stard to celebrate Who Charted's 300th episode! We hear Howie's Top 5 Songs of Summah while they explain how to sell merch the right way, and Kulap is presented with some very…


Mannequin Two: On the Move

Steve Agee (New Girl, The Sarah Silverman Program) joins Paul, June, and Jason in-studio to get to the bottom of important questions that popped up while watching 1991's Mannequin Two: On the Move. What's the deal with department stores? Do mannequins have…


Screw as Much as I'm Screwed

Sklarbro Country #305May 27, 2016

Comedian Steve Agee joins Randy and Jason on this week's Sklarbro Country. They discuss kidney stones, the rules of honking and having perspective as a performer. The Sklars bring a Quick Hit of the Pittsburgh Steelers' robotic practice dummies. Later, Randy and…



The Shrimps take on the The Ba Dunka Dunks at Pan Pacific Park. Matt Gourley and Mark McConville call the action, Steve Agee balls the fraction. The Shrimps on Twitter: @pistolshrimpsbb The Shrimps on Instagram: thepistolshrimps Pistol Shrimps Radio on Twitter: @ShrimpsRadio…


Pediatrician Waiting Room

Paul F. Tompkins welcome's y'all back to this precious place called SPONTANEANATION! This week, Paul’s special guest is Emily V. Gordon of The Indoor Kids and author of Super You! They chat about what TV show Emily would live in for a week, denying…


Xmas w/ Megan Amram, Seth Morris, Natalie Palamides, Emily Maya Mills, Steve Agee

Private: Reading Aloud #43December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Reading Aloud listeners! Nate shares some very special holiday pieces recorded LIVE from the UCB theatre in Los Angeles by special guests Megan Amram, Seth Morris as Bob Ducca, Natalie Palamides, Emily Maya Mills, and Steve Agee. Relax this holiday…


Sport Club: Live from Largo

Paul F. Tompkins once again welcomes the beautiful people of Los Angeles AND the internet to a LIVE episode of Spontaneanation recorded at the world-famous Largo at The Coronet! This week, Paul’s special guest is Kumail Nanjiani of The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail and HBO’s…


John Moe, Steve Agee

Private: Reading Aloud #11February 20, 2015

Nate celebrates the achievement of releasing over 10 episodes by sharing a very funny piece written by Dan Kennedy entitled “I Just Found Out ABC Family Is Going To Pass On My Pitch” and read by the great Steve Agee live from…


Rock of Agee

Horatio and Chad finally get the time machine working and travel back to before they leave for Santa Barbara and sit down with Steve Agee, formerly of the Sarah Silverman Program and talk rock and roll, dog safety and how the collateral…


Steve Agee

Crybabies #6January 8, 2015

Sarah and Susan discuss Cinema Paradiso’s theme song, Brokeback Mountain, and The English Patient as they go through different movie/book combos that make them shed tears. Then, actor, comedian, and funny man Steve Agee joins Sarah & Susan to talk about not…


Sleeping Mario

Nerd Poker #107December 24, 2014

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go. Take a look at the red & green giants with Blaine, Ken, Steve, Dan, and Brian. Join them as they slay, everything in their way. Won’t you join the Nerd Poker…


Trace Ya Later

Nerd Poker #104December 3, 2014

Steve Agee & Dan Telfer are here to stay as they join the Nerd Poker gang officially! This time around the gang decide to either fend off some blue giants or make their way to the docks.


Crashing Through the Woods

Nerd Poker #101November 12, 2014

Brian, Blaine, Ken, and special friend Steve Agee crash through the woods as they continue fighting off red giants that appear in their path.


Tainted Candy

Nerd Poker #100November 5, 2014

Brian, Blaine, Ken, and special friend Steve Agee battle all types of evil, including song copyright litigation.


Dead Red

Nerd Poker #99October 29, 2014

With one red giant out of the way, the gang still has another giant red dude to deal with and he's pissed.


You're Achillesing Me Larry

Nerd Poker #98October 22, 2014

Steve Agee is back for more and this time he brings his sexy radio voice. Steve joins the gang as they are in a tree preparing to attack two battle ready red giants. Hold your sneezes, bring the red sauce, and get…


Dirt Salad

Who Charted? #200October 1, 2014

The Grand Marshall of the charts, STEVE AGEE, stops by to pop bottles with Howard and Kulap for their 200th episode of Who Charted! In this episode, Howard debuts a NEW music chart theme, settles on a tattoo for engineer Sam, and…


Goblin Wieners

Nerd Poker #95October 1, 2014

Steve Agee & the gang encounter a couple of reddish goblins on their journey. Lyra decides to disguise herself as a goblin in order to see what their deal is. Are they friends or foes? Tune in to find out!


Let Him Use His Illusion!

Nerd Poker #94September 24, 2014

Steve Agee is back to take on the role of Winter all while the gang figure out what to do about the two red giants with swords in their sight. Houg Denning casts an illusion of yet another giant and awaits to…


Shooting Fish With A Barrel

Nerd Poker #88August 13, 2014

Just when they thought they were out of the water and began to relax to the sounds of Chuck Mangione, wooden sea robots approach our gang of heroes. Now they await the return of the Roc and battle some seabots with the…


TV Married

Nerd Poker #87August 6, 2014

This week the gang & special guest Steve Agee discusses the etiquette of cosplay, the chivalry of Henry Rollins, and runs afoul of car sized fish & multiple Chuck Mangione attacks.   This episode is sponsored by:     The Art of…



Topics #41May 7, 2014

In Episode 13 of Season 3, Michael, Michael, and special guest/friend of the podcast Steve Agee talk about the glorious and loving topic of friendship. How does everyone define friendship? Does their always need to be attraction involved? Does making a pen…



Who Charted? #161January 1, 2014

Chart off your the new year with a bang with Steve Agee, Ku-Ku, & Wie-Wie! They talk about the time Howard almost drowned and the unreleased Steve & Dragon Boy Suede collabo track while counting down the Top 5 Best New Year’s…


Episode 002: Skyfall with Steve Agee

James Bonding #2September 12, 2013

Matt and Matt invite Steve Agee to discuss how the sky falls!


Sklarbro County 61

The most trusted man in comedy, Steve Agee returns to the calming shores but this time to take his rightful seat on Sklarbro County! Steve tells us about his recent shenanigans at Comic-Con, hints at his upcoming appearance on Childrens Hospital, and…


Peanut Butter Cup

Ronna & Beverly #58July 19, 2013

He’s taller than you think he is, Steve Agee joined Ronna & Beverly for a livestreamed episode to discuss the film Dealin’ With Idiots with Jeff Garlin, what’s the ideal date for Steve, and to go through Buzzfeed’s 51 Hottest Jewish Men…


The Superstars of Vine

Vine all-stars Steve Agee, Marlo Meekins, and James Urbaniak join Jake for a special bonus-sode of THE FOGELNEST FILES all about the social media app Vine. Sit back and enjoy as they watch/discuss some of their favorite Vine users from the lemon…



The hatch has perfect composition on today’s Professor Blastoff. The hosts discuss why Tig would make a great sideline reporter, the best Neil Diamond songs, and losing cool points in front of fans. Then wonderful comedian and avid photographer, Steve Agee, comes…


Building The Track Pt. 7

Private: Rafflecast #23April 22, 2013

One of Jon’s favorite fellas Steve Agee is here to channel the power of the funk to become the band Deadly Stabbe! Listen as they use some nice grooves, do some funky  soulful yodeling, and create the P-Funk tune “Donkey Strut!”  …


Cracker Jack

Nocturnal Emotions #30April 3, 2013

The always hilarious Steve Agee drops by the glorious Earwolf studios to chat with Har Mar on this week’s Nocturnal Emotions! Steve & Har Mar talk about health issues, being sick of HD, and professional prankster Abraham Lincoln. Also, they talk about…


The Dog Will Survive!

Totally Laime #158February 8, 2013

We've loved him on Sarah Silverman, and from his podcast, "Uhhh" we are SUPER excited to hang with the funny and down to earth, STEVE AGEE. We talk fear of flying, movie memories, and what way of dying is the freakiest of…


100th Episode LIVE from UCB-LA

Who Charted? #100October 31, 2012

Join Ku-Ku & Wie-Wie as they celebrate 100 episodes of Who Charted! Recorded LIVE at UCB-LA, our first guest Steve Agee returns to share stories of the origin of Who Charted and gets up on all the latest musical trends with the…


What Did I Just Watch?

The Fogelnest Files #4October 2, 2012

Get back into your viewing positions for another LIVE edition of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Recorded live at UCB-LA, Jake Fogelnest welcomes Steve Agee and Horatio Sanz to look at clips that will make you ask the question, “What did I just watch?”…


Not Personal

Ronna & Beverly #32August 3, 2012

Steve Agee goes commando on his visit with Ronna & Beverly! They discuss how Steve   got sent to military school, why homeless people have Facebook pages, and if Steve’s ever got anyone pregnant. The girls also have trouble booking a gay…


Burning Love

Comedy Bang Bang #163June 18, 2012

Today's audio sound recording of Comedy Bang Bang is the perfect companion to everyone's favorite reality show, Burning Love! Mark Orlando and two of his lovely lady suitors, Carly and Tamara G, are joining Scott to answer the tough questions: Can a…


Welcome to Who Charted

Who Charted? #1December 7, 2010

Welcome to Who Charted, a weekly podcast delving into the hottest music, movies, and television for the week. Steve Agee joins Kulap and Howard in their maiden voyage, where they discuss everything from Dancing with the Stars to the Dancing with the…


It's Always Sunny

Sklarbro Country #3August 13, 2010

This week Steve Agee and Vin Scully stop by and visit the Sklar's to discuss Darryl Strawberry's entrepreneurial accolades, Brian Cushing's estrogen levels, and the football-player-on-Dancing-With-The-Stars cliche.Don't miss the introduction of "Things [Insert Name Here] Would Never Say." All of this and…


Steve Agee

Kevin chats with Steve Agee.


Four Douche Episode

Comedy Bang Bang #15August 7, 2009

This episode is all about fame! Famous twitterer Steve Agee talks a bit about his trending topic #2DoucheConvo, Natasha Leggero does the best “ladies comedy” you could ever hear, and Matt Besser tries to figure out just what it would take to…

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