Suzi Barrett

Originally from Michigan, Suzi got her degree in theatre at Western Michigan University, then moved to Chicago where she studied improv at The Second City and iO. From there, she headed to Amsterdam, and spent 3 years performing with Boom Chicago– or as the Dutch often call it– “De Chicago Boom Boom”. A member of the UCBTLA community since 2006, Suzi has studied with Matt Besser and Ian Roberts, and makes frequent appearances in Worst Laid Plans, Soundtrack, and “the line in the bathroom at Birds”. She also tours the country with the UCB tourco, and plays weekly with the greatest improv team in the universe: Sentimental Lady.

Guest Appearances

From Candy Boy to TV Boy

Comedy Bang Bang #751April 3, 2022

Adam Scott Aukerman are back together again! Friend of the show Adam Scott joins Scott to talk about the U2 biopic announcement, the first ‘sclusie behind the Party Down revival, and the alternate titles for his Apple TV+ show Severance. Then, shoe…


Potato Fambly

Comedy Bang Bang #736December 5, 2021

Podcasting royalty Jimmy Pardo and Danielle Koenig join Scott to talk about Danielle’s new podcast How to Survive with Danielle and Kristine, who’s on Mount Rushmore 2.0, and the earliest invention. Then, a Potato drops by to talk about missing their family.…


Bell Biv DeVito

Comedy Bang Bang #723September 12, 2021

Actor and returning champion Kristian Bruun joins Scott to talk about becoming closer friends, dying on the toilet, and his new show Family Law. Then, salesperson Lorenzo Borgia drops by to talk about his new line of poisons. Plus, startup CEO Lane…


The Best of i4h Vol. 12

improv4humans #448May 20, 2020

Please enjoy this compilation of some of the best scenes from 2019! These performances feature Suzi Barrett, Alex Fernie, Johnny Meeks, Mel Cowan, Tim Meadows, Danielle Schneider, Mary Holland, Chad Carter, Craig Rowin, Andy Daly, Owen Burke, Bob Dassie, Anthony Atamanuik, John…


Sentimental Lady Does Bohemian Grove

improv4humans #403July 10, 2019

Mel Cowan, Johnny Meeks, Suzi Barrett, and Alex Fernie of Sentimental Lady join Matt Besser for this week’s improv4humans! They’ll perform scenes about homemade napalm, a dick wiggling seminar, and a horse murder mystery. Plus, they break out their tactical sunglasses, take…


Matt Besser's Thunderdome: Redbox vs. Criterion Collective 

Earwolf Presents #92May 11, 2018

Welcome to Matt Besser’s Thunderdome, a brand new competitive improv podcast. Each team of six improvisers will do their best improv set using the storied Movie format. Two teams enter...but only one team can take the glory. You can determine who moves…


Bodhi Sad-va Tells A Story About A Horse (w/ Suzi Barrett)

Private: Hard Nation #36November 30, 2016

Self-proclaimed "Bodhi Sad-va" (Suzi Barrett) may be the Buddha incarnate, but she’s having trouble maintaining enlightenment in the face of global anxiety. Mark and Pete ask her about coping strategies in the wake of the election, how to cleanse yourself of thetans,…


Rebecca Drysdale, Suzi Barrett: Women's Glib

Good afternoon internet and welcome back to Women’s Glib with your hosts Rhonda Kline (Rebecca Drysdale) and Pam Upspring (Suzi Barrett)! It’s a very special reunion episode as they welcome Deley Dance on the show to reminisce about the good ol’ times…


Suzi Barrett: Crossing Swords with Eleanor Church-Wallace Boyd-Foster

Welcome to Crossing Swords, the penultimate patchwork of puzzling ponderance with your host Eleanor Church-Wallace Boyd-Foster (Suzi Barrett)! Helping Eleanor to think inside the box this week is Jill Traci,  local poet, woman, and advocate from Winnetka Illinois. Jill opens up about…


Pleiadian Light Beings

Bob is given the chance to speak to extraterrestrial light beings with the help of channeler & medium Leni (Suzi Barrett) formerly known as Debbie Davis. We’ll learn how Leni gained the ability to contact the Pleiadians, the most disturbing and uplifting…



What exactly happens during Tarot card readings? Well, talented improviser and Tarot extraordinaro Suzi Barrett joins the Blastoff crew to debunk preconceived notions regarding Tarot card readings and to give everyone a Tarot card reading! Put your head phones on and find…

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