Tanner Oliver

 A born and bred Michigan comic, Tanner has featured at Limestone Comedy Festival and 10000 Laughs Comedy Festival. When he’s not performing, he can be found eating nachos, producing RABBOTT HOLE, a socially distanced comedy show out of his backyard or recording Anomaly Homily.
IG: tannerocomedy

Guest Appearances

August 20, 2020

Anomaly Homily; where comedian and host Tanner Oliver brings on a funny friend to talk offbeat news and a sci-fi themed Q&A ie How would you deal with a talking dog? Should Columbus Ohio be renamed Flavortown? Would aliens appreciate Jordans? All these questions and more are pondered on Tanner Olivers Anomaly Homily!
Have weird news or personal stories? Hit up anomalyhomily@gmail.com and tell it