Teresa Lee

Teresa Lee is a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles.  She is a writer and producer for Cracked.  She hosts American Pie, a monthly show at UCB Inner Sanctum, and also co-hosts the live show Very Forward with Claire Downs and Teresa Lee at The Lyric Hyperion Theatre.  She studied improv at The UCB Training Center in their Advanced Study program, was a member of UCB’s digital house team Also Also, and was twice recipient of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Diversity Scholarship. She is the author of the article “Dear White Friends: Stop Saying Everything Is Going To Be Ok” in response to the 2016 election, which garnered over 1 million views on Cracked.

Guest Appearances

Pattern vs Intention (w/ Teresa Lee)

Andrew and Tawny keep it light and talk tech woes in the new normal before sitting down with comedian and writer Teresa Lee (I Think She Likes You). Topics include: things named after ethnic groups, explaining American racism to your immigrant parents, pattern…


Teresa Lee

Comedian Teresa Lee sits down with Cameron to discuss her short film "I Think She Likes You," dating a couple, and fighting shame through dance. Watch Teresa's short film, "I Think She Likes You," at https://youtu.be/a450K5VXWzo


The Boy Band Bummer with Teresa Lee

Scam Goddess #15January 6, 2020

Happy New Year Con-gregation! My New Years Resolution is keep telling y'all about all the biggest scams honey! This week we're chilling with the hilarious and talented Teresa Lee (I Think She Likes You, Cracked) and diving into the boy band abuser,…


Jared Logan, Irene Tu, Teresa Lee, Carly Ballerini and host Rhea Butcher

Put Your Hands Together #636September 12, 2018

Rhea talks flagging, DreamWorks and Geoffrey Owens. Sets from Jared Logan, Irene Tu, Carly Ballerini and Teresa Lee.


Zero Dark Thirty

Kathryn Bigelow month continues on Cracked Movie Club! After making her major studio comeback with The Hurt Locker, Kathryn Bigelow was working on a follow-up film with screenwriter Mark Boal about the decade-long unsuccessful hunt for Osama Bin Laden when news broke that…


Commonplace Ideas Invented More Recently Than You Think

The Cracked Podcast #175April 10, 2017

Nowadays, there's a huge emphasis on eating natural foods. Staying away from GMOs, pesticides, and processed sugars is generally thought of as a good thing. Some call it the paleo diet and it's a way to harken back to a simpler time,…


Why Modern People Might Have The Worst Sex Lives Ever

The Cracked Podcast #166February 14, 2017

When you think about ancient human history, you probably think about sex, right? Who doesn't? And when you do, you probably imagine in your head (because you love envisioning your eldest relatives gettin' down) a very bland, puritanical form of sex where…


Accidents That Created The Best Art Of The 20th Century

The Cracked Podcast #161January 16, 2017

It's easy to think every piece of great art or unforgettable pop-culture is the result of effortless genius and precise intentionality. It separates the gods who create from us lay-people who like to eat cheese and can barely decide what to watch…


Why A Second Civil War Is Frighteningly Possible

The Cracked Podcast #150November 7, 2016

"Our way of life here is about nine meals away from anarchy." That's a quote from retired Marine Colonel David Couvillon, who governed the Wasit province of Iraq during the US occupation and clearly a man who has never seen the Cracked…


Hot For Dad Bods

Stand-up comedian Teresa Lee answers Deanna & Emily’s questions about the Dad Bod phenomenon: What exactly is a Dad Bod? Who are the high profile men out there with Dad Bods? Where is the Mom Bod? Plus, Teresa takes us through the…

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