The Bangles

The Bangles defined what women could accomplish in the world of rock ‘n roll as early as 1981. Comprised of Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, and Vicki Peterson, they’ve left a major impression on the music industry with hits like Walk Like an Egyptian, Eternal Flame, and their iconic cover of Hazy Shade of Winter. If you’re reading this after September 27th, be sure to pick up their newest album Sweetheart of the Sun.

Guest Appearances

September 19, 2011

Break the monotony of this Manic Monday with a new Comedy Bang Bang featuring Amy Poehler, The Bangles, and possibly the biggest guest we’ve ever had, David Fiene! Amy and Scott gab about the original UCB pilot and the alternative comedy scene of the ’90s, but that’s nothing compared to the showbiz stories David has to offer. David came up with some of the biggest legends of comedy (I’m not going to namedrop, but he certainly will) and has walls and walls of quotes and advice for young comedic upstarts. Match that with the dulcet tones of The Bangles and the rap stylings of our guests and you’ve got an hour and a half of aural decadence. Would you rather listen to this episode or go about your humdrum day? I thought so!