Thomas Middleditch

Thomas Middleditch is a hilarious comedian with awesomely hilarious characters and a pretty great Canadian accent. He’s done iO, Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, you know, the usual. He performs in Diamond Lion, the musical improv show that everyone seems to be talking about. You’ve probably seen him in almost every commercial of late, but if you haven’t watched his myriad of hilarious web videos yet, you have a job for the next few hours!

Guest Appearances

Small Claims Cyborg

Comedy Bang Bang #680November 1, 2020

Jason Mantzoukas and Scott bro out and dive deep into Jason’s past memories. Then, Thomas Middleditch stops by to talk about Young Sheldon, his new CBS show B Positive, and playing games on his Twitch channel ( Plus, lawyer Gino Carpuzzi drops…


Pirates Never Lie

Comedy Bang Bang #651April 19, 2020

Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz join Scott to talk about their new long-form improv Netflix specials “Middleditch and Schwartz,” recommend some videos you should watch, and guess abstract quotes from real movies. Then, seaman Captain Littlemember and his first mate Squawks stop…


Tattoos Clues

Comedy Bang Bang #630December 1, 2019

Thomas Middleditch joins Scott and intern Gino Lambardo to talk at length about the final episode of Silicon Valley, the pilot episode of Growing Pains, and what’s next for Thomas’ career. Then, businessman Chauncey Pippins stops by to talk about starting an…


Season 3, Ep 6 - Lord’s Brother (w/ Thomas Middleditch)

Diplomatic negotiations begin to secure Velsmeer’s army in the fight against the Dark Lord. But Faustus Crum, the Lord’s Brother, takes thing in an unexpected direction. Credits: Arnie: Arnie Niekamp Chunt: Adal Rifai Usidore: Matt Young Faustus Crum: Thomas Middleditch [] Mysterious Man: Tim Sniffen Producers: Arnie Niekamp, Matt…


10th Anniversary Part 2

Comedy Bang Bang #599.5April 28, 2019

Scott Aukerman celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Comedy Bang! Bang! by implementing a true open door policy and welcomes fan favorite guests of the show over the last 10 years! Part Two Featuring: Thomas Middleditch Adam Scott Chelsea Peretti Nick Kroll Drew…


Thomas Middleditch, Our Big Movie Friend

Hollywood Handbook #281March 11, 2019

THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH returns to make a big movie with The Boys. This episode is sponsored by CBS The Good Fight (, hims (, Quip (, and Away ( code: BOYS20).


Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz

Actors, comedians, and improvisers Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz feel both sizzlin’ and curious about being Conan O’Brien’s friends. Thomas and Ben sit down with Conan this week to talk about their two-man improvised show (plus Conan’s own improv history), playing off…


Lil' Choices

Comedy Bang Bang #588February 24, 2019

Old friend Jason Mantzoukas (How Did This Get Made?, The Long Dumb Road) joins Scott once again to talk about pets, making their own Hamilton, and pizza pants. Then, 17-year-old Kaitlin stops by to talk about her YouTube channel. This episode is…


2018 Holiday Spectacular

Comedy Bang Bang #579December 16, 2018

Join Scott as he invites old friends and new friends to celebrate the greatest Holiday tradition, the Comedy Bang! Bang! Holiday Spectacular! Expect appearances from Jason “Heynong Man” Mantzoukas, intern Gino Lambardo, Santa Claus, Big Sue Claus, Rudi North, John Lennon, and…


The Dirty 27

Comedy Bang Bang #570October 21, 2018

Comedian, writer, friend of the show and so much more David Wain joins Scott to make a magical announcement on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! David teams up with Thomas Middleditch to share sound effect records, recap David’s lawsuits, and to help…


Educainment Squad

Comedy Bang Bang #554July 8, 2018

Actor, comedian and SNL alum Horatio Sanz joins Scott to talk about what hats he wears and why they’re so popular. Plus, they’re joined by entrepreneur Lyle Cummings to discuss the difference between sherbert and ice cream, and middle school superintendent Peppers…


Is That A Joke?

Comedy Bang Bang #541April 15, 2018

Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz aka Middleditch and Schwartz join Scott to talk about wanting standing ovations for their upcoming live tour, their dream SNL casts, and whether they would shave their head for a role. Later, professional hooker Leonard Stooltap arrives…


Silly Cone Valley Poo Crew Minus One

Comedy Bang Bang #537March 18, 2018

Thomas Middleditch and Martin Starr of HBO’s Silicon Valley are back to chat with Scott about the new season of the show, the importance of flattening out a brain, and watching their fellow Poo Crew member Kumail on the Oscars. Then, accountant…


Silly Con Valley Poo Crew 3

Comedy Bang Bang #481April 10, 2017

Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, and Martin Starr of HBO’s Silicon Valley aka the Silly Con Vally Poo Crew return to give us the nits and grits of the 4th season of their show on this week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! They’ll also break…


Tight Tort

Comedy Bang Bang #473February 27, 2017

Ben Schwartz aka the Elegant Mr. S and Thomas Middleditch aka star of Silicon Valley join Scott this week to make up a rap that is surely to become a number one hit! They also play To Tell The Truth as we…


Almost Mandatory

Comedy Bang Bang #429June 20, 2016

Jason "Hey Nong" Mantzoukas and Thomas "Middle-earth" Middleditch are back on Comedy Bang! Bang! Jason, Thomas, and Scott talk Smash Mouth, a risqué story overheard at the gym, virtual reality gaming, and Montell Jordan. Plus, an amateur barrister by the name of…


Justin Trudeau Has A Tattoo

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Thomas Middleditch) visits South Boys Mark and Pete to discuss Elbowgate, quantum mechanics, and his First Nations heritage, while squeezing in a couple rounds of naked basketball. This episode is sponsored by Mack Weldon and Bonobos.


Silicone Bralley Poo Crew

Comedy Bang Bang #416April 18, 2016

Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, and Martin Starr of HBO's Silicon Valley are back to give us the inside scoop of what we can look forward to in the 3rd season of their show on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! They'll also take…


Kid Detectives II

Comedy Bang Bang #406March 7, 2016

JJ and Murphy O’Malaman, the Kid Detectives themselves are back with a whole new case they need to solve on this week's Comedy Bang! Bang! With the help of Scott, they're gonna do their darndest to solve the case of the missing…


Andrew the Magic Carpet

Nerd Poker #140August 26, 2015

New friend Thomas Middleditch returns this week to join our heroes as they depart from the desert and head West atop of Andrew the Magic Carpet!


Not Before I Get A Rubbing!

Nerd Poker #139August 19, 2015

New special guest friend Thomas Middleditch joins the gang to play the role of Winter! When we last left our heroes, they were in the middle of knocking giants off of giant birds in the desert and now they are left with…


Thomas Middleditch

Get Up On This #39July 21, 2015

Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch joins Jensen and Matty to talk about Dungeons and Dragons, flight simulators, Twitch, The Bohicas, The Ariadne Objective, classic Hip-Hop Marvel comic covers, The Blood of Heroes, Forbidden Stars, how we’re late on the Scream TV show, new…


Kid Detectives

Comedy Bang Bang #355June 8, 2015

Lauren Lapkus and Thomas Middleditch go way back to their days of performing together in Chicago and now they’re back at it again on a new Comedy Bing Bong! We’ll hear if Lauren will be playing a dinosaur in Jurassic World, the…


The 6th Anniversary Show!

6 years ago and no score today a comedy podcast was born. My, oh, my how time has flown by! IT’S BEEN 6 years of Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast and old friends and new friends stop by to celebrate. Expect to…


A Silicon Valley P-Cast

Comedy Bang Bang #342March 30, 2015

The stars of HBO's Silicon Valley, Thomas Middleditch, Kumail Nanjiani, and Martin Starr share some spoilers from both the first and the upcoming second season season of their show on today’s Comedy Bing! Bong! They also talk about the history of TV…


Thomas Middleditch: Talking with Tommy LIVE from RIOT LA

Recorded LIVE from RIOT LA is another edition of Talking with Tommy! Thomas Middleditch welcomes renaissance woman Barbara Preen to talk coats, cat hunting, and dramatic relationships with some Hollywood celebrities. They also play a round of the crowd favorite game “I’d…


Thomas Middleditch, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #63December 16, 2014

Sean and Hayes discuss the holidays in L.A. with a new version of a classic segment: "You're Doing It Wrong: By Ho Ho Hove I Think Eggnog It". Then, TV star THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH is in the studio to talk about Mike Judge, the…



Sklarbro Country #218September 26, 2014

Silicon Valley's Thomas Middleditch stops by the studio to spend some quality time on this week's Sklarbro Country. Tune in to hear the Sklars recap throwing out the first pitch in St. Louis, Thomas talk about working with Martin Scorsese, and all…


No Bueno From Tip To Taint

Who Charted? #197September 10, 2014

Flight simulator enthusiast & Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch learns all about Stolen Summah on this week’s WHO CHARTED! Thomas shares his thoughts on Pop songs, what he’s worked on as an amateur furnitureman, and we’re introduced to Baby Metal as we…


Size Matters!

Totally Laime #154January 11, 2013

Talented comedy and improv actor, THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH joins us as one of only a few guests to make a repeat appearance and for good reason - he keeps us laughing through discussion of dick size, relationships, and oh yeah, whether or not…


Happy New Years!

Totally Laime #49January 9, 2011

He's cute. He's funny. He's smart. and guys? He's CANADIAN!!! oh yeah, and THOMAS MIDDLEDITCH is also insanely talented - in UCB'S Baby Wants Candy, and as the star of Splinterheads! Happy 2011. Enjoy.

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