Tom Blank

Tom Blank was born in Buffalo, NY and headed directly to Los Angeles via Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Washington and North Dakota. It was a long trip. As a tourist in Los Angeles for several years he’s whittled away the hours performing improv around town including IO West, UCB, The Empty Stage and some of the least well known coffee shops in Redondo Beach. If you see someone driving a silver Honda Accord around Los Angeles make sure to wave – it’s probably Tom.

Guest Appearances

November 17, 2011

Let us all give thanks for another episode of Glitter in the Garbage! For trashy Christian rockers and people who are terrible at their jobs. For sad loners joining together during the holidays. For handbags. Mostly for handbags. I’m thankful for Drew, Tom, Chase, and George, and I’m thankful that Jenna Elfman doesn’t listen to this podcast!