Tom Scharpling

Tom Scharpling hosts The Best Show on WFMU which is, pardon the hyperbole, the BEST show on WFMU. He and Jon Wurster make up the creatively named Scharpling & Wurster whose numerous albums have been devoured by comedy fans and musicians alike. Tom recently directed music videos for Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and The New Pornographers, both of which are chock full of Earwolf favorites. And one last thing: MONK!

Guest Appearances

July 6, 2021

Tom Scharpling (The Best Show, Steven Universe) joins us to talk about his new book It Never Ends and his top 3 movie musicals! He talks about why he loves excess in musicals, Jack Nicholson’s directorial career, and going to Papa Roach’s basketball game.

November 11, 2019

TOM SCHARPLING and MARTHA KELLY return to take the Triumph at Comic-Con episode on tour.



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August 19, 2019

TOM SCHARPLING returns for another attempt to become the third host with guest WILL HINES.



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July 1, 2019

TOM SCHARPLING makes his grand return to the show.



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January 28, 2019

TOM SCHARPLING and THE DOUGHBOYS come to the studio and get tricked by The Boys.

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November 26, 2018

Sean and Hayes have a little fun doing a talkshow with JULIE KLAUSNER and TOM SCHARPLING live at The Bell House.


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