Tracy Clayton

Tracy Clayton is a Buzzfeed writer “who gained national visibility as one of the hosts of Buzzfeed’s hit podcast Another Round,” hailed as “Best of 2015” by iTunes, Slate, Vulture, and The Atlantic.

Guest Appearances

The Scheming Superintendent with Tracy Clayton

Scam Goddess #36June 1, 2020

Greetings Con-gregation! This week Tracy Clayton (Another Round, Strong Black Legends) is on the pod to talk about the superintendent with a 4.0 average in fraud. Plus, a good old-fashioned pyramid scheme from Tracy and Laci's favorite white woman: Tyra Banks! Research by…


Tracy Clayton: Hamilton Privilege

Podcast maven Tracy Clayton (Another Round) is here and she's ready to confess the number of times she's gone to see Hamilton (both the musical and that one statue in Boston). Of the many things Tracy loves about the show, she particularly…

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