Veronica Osorio

Veronica Osorio

Veronica is a Venezuelan performer from UCB New York who recently moved to LA, she was raised in Venezuela in an Italian household but was born in the USA. You can catch her next in the upcoming Coen Brothers Film Hail, Caesar! In the UCB stage and on her YouTube channel SpaceTimeTV, where her web series Kate’s Craft Corner, Life’s Great and the video Manic Pixie Prostitue have amassed over 1MM views. Veronica was part of the 2014 ABC Diversity showcase, maybe you caught her in TruTV’s Friends of The People or with Tina Fey in the AmEx commercials. Veronica was a finalist in the 2013’s NBC/UCB Diversity Showcase, Played Ana in the award winning short film The Jane and her UCB’s one woman show First Woman On The Moon had a 9 month run at UCB NY. She was also part of many UCB stage shows, Above Average’s series Cubed, the pilot Flipsters, Spanish voice overs for UNICEF and Above Average, and the acclaimed Vag Magazine. In Venezuela, she was in full-length feature films that have won International film awards, she did musical theater, directed a theater company and was part of a circus as a clown and juggler. Ask her about this.

Guest Appearances

The Halloween Special (w/ Veronica Osorio, Roz Drezfalez)

Spanish Aquí Presents #16October 28, 2019

On a very spoOoky episode, Veronica Osorio (Hail, Caesar!, Treks and the City, @veronicaosoriov) stops by to give the SAP crew a sassy Tarot card reading. Then, Roz Drezfalez (Ghosted! podcast, @rozdrezfalez) drops by to talk about living every day like it’s…


Palm Springs

Paul F. Tompkins surprises unsuspecting listeners on today’s Spontaneanation! This time out, Paul’s special guest is actor and improviser Veronica Osorio of the Treks and the City Podcast! Veronica chats about what she would make a souvenir penny machine for, why she’s…


Salma Hayek Has Theresa May’s Insulin (w/ Alice Wetterlund, Veronica Osorio)

Private: Hard Nation #76September 13, 2017

British Prime Minister Theresa May (Alice Wetterlund) and actress Salma Hayek (Veronica Osorio) are fast friends on this week’s Hard Nation. Theresa reveals she loves hacking the mainframe and threatening her husband with a cane, Salma plugs her movie Batteries Not Included,…

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