Warren Fitzgerald

Warren Fitzgerald is a punk rock legend who has played with Oingo Boingo, The Vandals and Tenacious D (just to name a few). As a producer and song writer he has contributed to films such as School of Rock and Team America: World Police. Warren also co-owns Kung Fu Records with fellow Vandals member Joe Escalante. Perhaps what he is best known for, however, is the How Did This Get Made theme song and Earwolf audio tag.

Guest Appearances

May 25, 2011

Ever wondered about the proper etiquette for drinking on stage? Or questioned whether or not to trip at Disneyland? If you’re having trouble finding your Summah Gum, deciding where to visit in Florida, or differentiating between white trash and emo, we have a very instructional episode for you today. Master punk rocker Warren Fitzgerald gives his advice for young, jumping rockers, and offers up a moratorium on vampires in Hollywood. In addition to Warren, we get visits from Hermes the Chart Goose and newcomer Sloppy Timmy Slotsman. Don’t you dare light up before you listen!