Whitmer Thomas

Whitmer Thomas is from Gulf Shores, Alabama. He grew up skateboarding, playing music, and jumping off of high things into water. He started doing standup a few years ago and has since become a fixture in the comedy scene in Los Angeles. Whitmer produces a popular weekly standup show as part of the comedy collective called Power Violence. He has been in stuff on tv and some movies, but mostly on the internet. Go check him out on the internet.

Guest Appearances

Whitmer Thomas, Our Close Friend

Hollywood Handbook #330February 17, 2020

WHITMER THOMAS returns to help The Boys make their HBO comedy special.


Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum, Our Friends From School

Hollywood Handbook #145August 2, 2016

Hayes and Sean welcome Whit and Clay into the studio to discuss one of their favorite new games before a drama arises.


Whitmer Thomas and Clay Tatum, Our Close Friends

Hayes and Sean discuss something they've gotten sick of in the news recently, then read a letter they got from some podcast lawyers, followed by a text-based installment of "Eh, Wrong!" Then underground comedians WHITMER THOMAS and CLAY TATUM arrive to discuss…

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