Will Weldon

Will Weldon is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor currently living in Los Angeles.

Guest Appearances

May 8, 2019

Cam talks hair dye, moving and cable. Sets from Ify Nwadiwe, Will Weldon and Megan Gailey.

September 3, 2013

The hilarious & very Canadian Will Weldon is taking the United States by storm and has finally made his way to the County! Will tells us why he got fired from Much Music, how he’s a Spurs fan even though he’s from Canada, and how he’s been dealing with his recent divorce. Daniel Van Kirk joins us as well with some crazy stories that include; Texas burglars who run out of gas less than 100 yards from the scene of the crime, a man in Lehigh Valley Airshow traffic who refuses to stop for cop, and what happens when a burger & a pizza become one. Then, we receive a special voicemail from Jesse “The Mind” Ventura from a secret location.