Zane Carney

Zane Carney is a guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Guest Appearances

Music Theory of Donkey Kong Country with Zane Carney 

Get Played #160July 10, 2022

Zane Carney returns to the show to share his knowledge of music theory with Heather, Nick & Matt! They talk about about what they're playing lately, break down the music of Donkey Kong Country and play Matt's Little Game. Check out Zane's…


Revolution X with Zane Carney

Get Played #103June 6, 2021

Musician Zane Carney ("Alter Ego" out now) joins Nick and Heather to discuss the Aerosmith arcade rail shooter game Revolution X! They talk about arcade cabinets vs home ports, joining Aerosmith in the New World Order, and more!

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