Professor Blastoff Afterthoughts: Fear

This week, keeping with the theme of Black Friday, we decided to discuss the topic of Fear! Last week we learned that you can never trust an over fed, sleep deprived, tryptophan laden, mob of discount shoppers, desperate for an excuse to get away from the very same extended family members they are being socially pressured into shopping for. Who new?

A very special thank you goes out to our guest this week, Lauren Malhoit. I was truly inspired by her story. It made me think of the close call I had with death when I was younger. I was late for work, stopped at a red light. Being late, I usually would have gunned it the second the light turned green, but this time some jerk/guardian angel cut me off right before I got to the stop light and prevented me from getting hit by a red light running 18 wheeler. Me and my Honda CRX were spared…wow what a boring story! My point here is you can never one up a plane crash survival story. The ONLY people who have any chance at getting more high fives at a party are those Apollo 13 guys.

This brings me to my greatest fear…kid with chainsaw.

As a retired chainsaw guy at a professional haunted house, let me tell you, we go through weeks of intense training with those machines, and that’s with the teeth removed! If it weren’t for those pesky child labor laws I would open up my own haunted house and recruit a dozen or so of these mini lumberjacks, hype ’em up on candy corn and let ’em loose! Imagine a small toddler platoon waddling towards you, armed and untamed with assorted cutlery.

Speaking of things getting cut, this week we had to pass on this most informative clip on the Amygdala. Basically it explains how your brain can become stuck in a state of high anxiety if stress levels remain high for an extended period of time. So…high school for example. Here’s the clip.

I followed some of the links to the Linden Method, as well. Apparently the Linden Method is a way to get your brain back to calm and healthy stress levels, as long as paying good money to learn how to do it doesn’t stress you out. I think the important take away message here is you should never judge a book by it’s cover. Clearly the parents of the above chainsaw kid were overstressed. And, as step one in their personal de-stressing method, chose to delegate a little of the tree trimming responsibilities over to the child.

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