Professor Blastoff Afterthoughts: Greed

If your “true love” gives you 12 partridges in 12 pear trees within 12 days time, along with hundreds of other song-inspired gifts – red flag – they might have a little OCD! And if you’re taking advantage of their serious mental meltdown by accepting those gifts, you may have neediness issues. Or just be one greedy S.O.B. I must point out I grew up with a pear tree in my back yard, and we never ate the fruit. Nope, we just let ’em fall to the earth and rot. Guess who’s job it was to clean ’em up every year? Needless to say, I now hate pears. Can’t stand the sight of them.

Then if you were to add the droppings of a dozen flying devil eyed rats to that festering compost heap…well, there’s just no way that “classic” song is getting me into the Christmas spirit!

What ever happened to “a little goes a long way?” In a season where it is easy to go overboard, the most meaningful gifts I have ever received were true heartfelt letters of appreciation accompanied by loads of cash. I hear the love of money is the root of all evil. So, I always tell my folks, if do you ever give me money, I probably won’t love your gift. For righteousness purposes.

Now to the cut clip of the week. We were going to talk a bit about the NBA and NFL lockouts but ran out of time, thank goodness though that the NBA players and owners didn’t run out of time to tip off this season on Christmas day! This of course made Charlie Brown very upset…lets watch.

Thanks for the guilt trip, Charlie Brown. Well Happy Holidays everyone!

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