Question: How to Grow a Podcast in a Small Town

This is an email exchange I’m posting here.  I hope this is helpful to other people starting out.  If you have questions about podcasting, please email and maybe I can answer here or on my show.

Hey Jeff,

Thanks for helping create Earwolf! Loving the shows and the content. I was just emailing you to see what your criteria is for picking new shows? I am just wondering. I recently started a comedy podcast in Wisconsin and bring on Wisconsin comedians. I just wanted to get some information from you or how to help get my podcast out there, or the process of possibly getting onto a site like Earwolf. I understand you are probably very busy, so whenever you get time to respond would be great. Thanks Jeff.

John Egan


Hi John,

I don’t have any great advice.  Exposure is a problem.  If iTunes doesn’t pick you out of all the shows to feature, you are out of luck there. Earwolf as a distribution channel isn’t really an option since we, thus far, have only created original programming, so we don’t “pick” new shows in that way.  And what success we have had is not exactly easy to replicate given how fortunate we are with the hosts and guests who want to be a part of Earwolf.

I will say this – I truly believe that hard work and smarts combined with great content (content being the main key) is enough to succeed if you give it enough time.  The market for podcasts is growing quickly and there will be an even greater demand for content and soon.

Do what you are doing.  Record your show.  Get the best of the best in Wisconsin, promote shows in the area and ask the clubs to advertise/support you. Maybe you offer to do free ads if they send out of town comedians to do your show when they are in town.  That could be a way to gain exposure.

Good luck, in a way I don’t envy your challenges…but in another, I do.  Have fun and kick ass.