Seedy Apple Shares Sister Secrets

In honor of The Apple Sisters’ first stage show since starting their Earwolf podcast—show’s tonight at Largo in Los Angeles—I asked the girls about the differences between performing for a live audience vs. an audience of microphones and one-to-two sound guys. One was eager to share her wisdom…

I’m Seedy Apple, the eldest and most responsible sister. We just love doing the radio and stage show because they give us unlimited possibilities, though truthfully, only my boyfriend God can truly grant you that.

Most recently my sister, Candy, and I had an unfortunate accident on our radio show. Since food is being rationed, we’d been limited to a diet of celery, beans and cherries. With this 1943 summer heat in the studio, we had to turn off all fans during the recording. Well, things got a little…gassy. I’m afraid we might’ve made one of our special guests a little woozy with the fumes! Perhaps some day they’ll invent a machine that quietly cools a room quickly and efficiently. Had we been on stage, no one would have heard our dainty little toots.

Sometimes on stage, despite my requests, my sisters love to not rehearse segments and let them just unfold naturally. Like the time we had a can of oats that needed to be poured over someone’s head. Now, one could say “Say Seedy, aren’t you the responsible one? Shouldn’t you have checked that the tin can had been opened with a can opener?” To which I would reply.. FINE. You’re right!! The truth is, I was having a deep conversation with my boyfriend, God. He distracted me with his opened toed sandals, and I didn’t get to properly checking the properties. Thankfully, our trusty stage manager never travels without a hammer and screwdriver. She jimmied it open in less than a minute, while Candy and Cora did a lovely improvised jazz number to stall for the show. What could have been a disaster became a miracle! Like the virgin birth of my lover.

I guess I would say the biggest difference between stage and radio is: nothing. We are actually singing and dancing in our small studio! We get it all set up, unpack Jerome, and get to singin’ and kickball changin’! ~Seedy Apple