The Human Condition: Parenting Your Children And Yourself! With Beverly Ginsberg

June 14, 2020

In this week’s episode, Jamie and Sam have some thoughts about the world, Beverly and love. Thank you to all of the fans and supporters. It’s time to move on with love. And that’s a good thing.

May 31, 2020

In this new quarantine lifestyle, Beverly wonders how we’re sleeping. She updates us all on life in lockdown with Patch Adams while also shedding light on how Lainie and Rachelle are faring in these uncertain times. Then Beverly and Sam welcome infant sleep-training expert, Kimberly Von Slomski, into the studio to discuss the trials and tribulations of sleep training children.  You can find out more about Kimberly and info on sleep training here

May 17, 2020

This week Beverly explains stress to Sam.  We also learn that Lainie is doing some family planning while Rachelle continues to flourish in Costa Rica.  Then Beverly welcomes Hollywood sustainability consultant, Jackson Xia to talk about how to save the planet.  Jackson reassures Beverly that society’s environmental failings are NOT HER FAULT, but we can all make improvements to help the Earth.

May 3, 2020

This week Beverly questions what modern children would do without an iPhone in front of them.  She also provides updates on Lainie’s progress in therapy and Rachelle’s adventures in Costa Rica. Then Bev speaks with child behavioral consultant and author, Joe Newman, to discuss children who don’t always play by the rules. 

April 19, 2020

This week Beverly has a lot more to say about self care and parenting herself, but first we learn that Lainie has lost her job at Trader Joe’s for stealing and Rachelle may have joined a yoga cult. Then Beverly invites massage therapist, John Long, in for a first ever in-studio massage. John teaches Beverly about her IT band and Beverly teaches John about her sexual conquests. 

April 5, 2020

Beverly has LOTS to say about how different parenting was back when she was raising her twin girls, Lainie and Rachelle. She updates us on how her daughters are doing and then fills us in on her latest adventures in the Self-Care-Capital-of-the-World, Los Angeles!  

Bev also gives us her reviews of Rock of Ages at The Bourbon Room as well as the restroom at “WINGZ” on Hollywood Boulevard.  Then Beverly and Sam get insider tips on all the “how to’s” of Mommy Blogging from their special guest, bonafide Mom Blogger ( []), Heather Brooker.

March 17, 2020

Beverly Ginsberg of the upcoming podcast, “The Human Condition with Beverly Ginsberg: Parenting Your Children and YOURSELF!” has been through MANY pandemics and has LIVED TO TELL THE TALE!Let Bev ease your current concerns as she takes you through her personal experiences with everything from Dengue Fever to H1N1. Along with her trusty Earwolf Engineer, Sam Kieffer, Beverly assures you all that we WILL get through this.  

With a little love, a little laughter and a LOT of Lysol.

March 16, 2020

Beverly Ginsberg is back in your ear-pods to help you learn to parent yourself, because how can you parent children if you can parent yourself? We’re all about you, and Beverly, but mostly Beverly. Join Beverly April 6th for your new self care journey!