Sklarbro Extra: A Little Smoke Won’t Stop Football Fans

Nothing will get in between America and the NFL

Calling baseball “America’s Pastime” is like calling pagers the best technological advancement of the last 50 years. Don’t get me wrong, pagers were kick-ass, but now they’re as irrelevant as…well…baseball. For all of my adult life, football has been America’s favorite sport. You just woke up from a 25-year coma and don’t believe me? Well go back and watch the first ten minutes of every SportsCenter during the five-month NFL lockout. Litigation ABOUT football was a top story every damn day.  Oh yeah, congrats for getting out of your incredibly long coma!

Not that anyone disagrees with this point, but to hammer it home, I give you the brilliant story about a sports bar catching on fire right before kickoff opening weekend.

Down in Napels, Florida, Stevie Tomato’s Sports Page Bar was packed with NFL fans. As the games were about to get underway, smoke began coming out of an open ceiling tile in the restaurant. A fellow tenant of the same building was sealing a vent with a blow torch, which caused the disturbance. As the smoke came into the restaurant and the fire department was called…EVERYONE REFUSED TO LEAVE THE BAR. One patron in the bar noted “they just asked us to move so the fire department could come in and check it out.” You take out the NFL in this story…and this is a tale of a crack den who just came into $10,000 worth of some primo Breaking Bad style meth. All hail the King!  All hail the NFL.


With each Sklarbro Extra story, I will be sharing a video for Sklarbro fans. Sometimes I’ll have something to say…other times the video will say it all. This week, we see that proper touchdown celebration takes practice and hard work. When a defensive player scores, and thinks that anyone can just “celebrate a touchdown” without consequences, we get a gem like this.

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