Sklarbro Extra: An Intro & The South Carolina QB Suspension Master

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South Carolina Troubled Quarterback Learns From The Best…His Coach

South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia is one of those college players who seems like he’s been playing since 2002. And for however long he’s been there, Garcia has compiled a track record that would make “Wind/Rain Maker” Pacman Jones proud.  During his career at USC, he’s been suspended from the team SIX TIMES for mostly alcohol related issues.  Here’s a quick breakdown:

Just after arriving on campus as a Freshman in 2007, Garcia was arrested and then suspended twice in a three week span. First for being drunk and walking away from a police officer, and then soon after for keying a professor’s car.

Feeling a little bored in spring of 2008, so Garcia got arrested again for alcohol related issues.  Later that same night, he was cited for pulling the fire alarm in his dorm and using the fire extinguisher.

At the 2010 Chick-Fil-A Bowl he was suspended for having women in his hotel room after lights out.  Then suspended in early 2011 for being drunk at an official SEC function.

Turns out this John Belushi-like quarterback was only practicing what was being preached to him by his quarterback coach.

G.A. Mangus, South Carolina’s quarterback coach and apparent Garcia mentor, was arrested in Greenville, SC for drunkenly peeing in the street.  He was found by two officers peeing on Main St.  If I’m doing anything illegal in Greenville, SC, I’m doing it on any street but Main St.

Should be an interesting year for South Carolina football. We’ll see if Garcia can raise his draft value…in the Sklars Fantasy Lockout League.