“The Earwolf app is a piece of crap!”

Practically everyone’s been having trouble with the Earwolf app for the iPhone for a while now. The latest OS update Apple pushed out (4.3.3) broke the audio player I was using, and, on top of that, our new audio host decided to keep changing their mp3 URL structure, making everything a managerial nightmare.

But no one cares about any of that, they just want it fixed! Here comes the beauty of software updates!
So here it is: Earwolf 2.0 for iPhone.

• See the most recently released shows on the main page!
• An auto-updating, easy to navigate SHOWS TAB! Each episode page contains descriptions, photos, clips, and guest profiles!
• Access to bios/clips/appearances/tour dates for all Earwolf guests! You can also purchase tickets to their shows without ever having to leave the app!
• A playlist that allows you to queue up as many tracks as you want, and remembers where you left off in between uses! It also has larger buttons, a larger slider, and a -30 seconds button, all of which were requested about a hundred times each…
• Browse/post in the forums!
• Purchase items from the shop!
• Custom notifications! This one’s huge: choose which shows you want to be notified about! Choose which guests you want to be notified about! Choose what time of day you’d like to be notified!
Read the blog!
• Send emails to the shows!

The app will be available within two weeks from today! If you want early access, I am giving out 10 invites to participate in the beta. Just leave a comment below and I’ll randomly pick ten.

Update (July 12): I’m going to have my Oprah moment and just send everyone who’s commented so far an invite. If you’ve commented, please check your email! Thanks!