The Sklar Brothers Release Hendersons and Daughters

Photo by Rebecca Rotenberg

Are you ready to join the Sklar Brothers’ extended family? Pick-up their latest album and you’re pretty much ready for the reunion. Don’t worry – it’s the fun kind.

With the release of their latest album, Hendersons and Daughters – available today! – Randy and Jason Sklar continue to spread the love and comedy to fans all over. The album features some of the best comedy from the brothers Sklar yet. The guys talk Google, Kardashians and Hoarders – just for starters. All delivered in their rapid fire one-of-a-kind duo delivery. Thanks to Sklarbro Country, a never ending string of live performances and television appearances, the Sklars continue to show why they’re one of the best comedic duos in the game.

Click here to grab a copy (or two) of Hendersons and Daughters.