The Year of Henderson! Sklarbro Country Celebrates 1 Year & 2 Million Downloads

Well, folks, we did it. We just finished The Year of Henderson! Congratulations to Randy and Jason Sklar for finishing a year of Sklarbro Country and their approaching 2-million download milestone. Thanks to The Sklars and their slick and always fun Sklarbro Country, everything’s a little better out there in the world. Colors are a little brighter. Food tastes a little better. People are little bit nicer. But most importantly, the world is a lot funnier thanks to our hard working Sklars bringing you new episodes of Sklarbro Country every week.

You can listen to the year-anniversary show here. It features Myq Kaplan (recently on Conan) and the always-great Chris Cox. Randy and Jason had this to say about hitting the 1-year mark:

“We can’t believe that one year ago “Henderson!” was a word only known to Canadians and fanatical hockey fans, (i.e. Canadians).  To think that we have seeped into the fringes of the zeitgeist by having a competitive eater draw Henderson on a homemade headband as he took 2nd place at the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest on ESPN on the 4th of July, to us, means we have made it. We’ve had such a blast doing the show and meeting our fans on the road.  Here’s to many more on from the banks of the calming shores of Sklarbro Country.”

It’s hard to pin down everything Sklarbro Country accomplished this past year. The show has set the podcast standard for creating the most jam-packed entertainment show each and every week. Combining sports, comedy, great guests and some pretty sweet music along the way created a legion of Sklarbro Country residents and a never ending stream of startling “Henderson!” shouts for years to come. Plus, they brought us tons of great comedy and memorable moments from Chris Cox and James Adomian.

Along with its anniversary, Sklarbro Country will surpass the 2-million download mark this coming week. The Sklars expressed glowing pride in the milestone:

“The 2 million download mark feels significant, like we’ve finally reached the milestone of drawing 500 intentional walks in our career as podcasters.”

A special shout-out goes to Earwolf’s very own hardworking Peter Moses for his tireless work helping Randy and Jason discover all those hidden gem sports stories and helping Sklarbro Country come together each and every week.

With today’s episode released, the Sklars now have 52 shows in the Sklarbro canon. Do you have a favorite episode? Favorite moment? Favorite Guest? Let’s celebrate by looking back at the awesome Year of HENDERSON.

Then we can look forward to more great Sklarbro Country to come.