Weeksidoodle: December 19

Hey friends! It’s almost the end of the year! Eek! Let’s close it up good, shall we? Oh, also, I’m including Christmas songs I like because that’s the level of power you get to exert when you have access to the Earwolf blog. DEAL WITH IT, friends!

It’s time for the Comedy Bang! Bang! Holiday Spectacular! No spoilers, but if there is a character or guest or game or segment you like in the podcast, it will probably be represented in this very special episode. Enjoy!

The Apple Sisters are making a list, checking it twice, and preparing us for the arrival of Father Christmas with a great new episode featuring Bob Odenkirk!

Have you been a Scrooge this holiday season? Then listen to the Professor Blastoff crew as they discuss greed. I was going to do a whole Christmas Carol theme with this about Tig, Kyle and David being different ghosts visiting you in the night, but I don’t have the energy to do it and you don’t have the interest in reading it.


Meow! How Did This Get Made? this week pounces on Catwoman with Jamie Denbo of Ronna & Beverely and Terriers fame. (Quick side note: I watched all of Terriers on Netflix Instant today. It’s so good! If you haven’t watched it yet, do it now! Past Totally Laime guest Jean Villepique and improv4humans guest Alex Fernie both show up and are great in it!)


Who Charted? is gettin’ all holly jolly with Andy Daly this week. About time he came back! Also, pretty soon you should be able to head to the Earwolf Store and pick up a special premium Who Charted? with Suit McGoo himself, Paul F. Tompkins. Pick it up!

If you’ve seen The League or really any mumblecore movie, you simply must love Mark Duplass. He’s joining us on Totally Laime this week!

This week’s Sklarbro Country is so supremely cool! It’s a celebration of the year’s best indie rock with Jonah Ray and Matt Price. It’s the perfect escape from the never ending crappy Christmas music we’re all subjected to this month!