Weeksidoodle: Dcember 5

Earwolf Week at a Glance

Ben Schwartz. Kevin Nealon. Amy Phillips, I mean, Jennifer Tilly. Comedy Bang! Bang! Loose yourself in the hilarity.

Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling ring-ting tingling too? Because it’s lovely weather for The Apple Sisters! It’s that time of the year for the ladies, which means holiday songs, Christmas treats and lots of ridiculousness!

No one show should have all that power! Especially not Professor Blastoff! This is my clunky way of saying this week’s episode is about Power. Also, Kanye, if you’re reading this, I have some notes for you.

This week’s How Did This Get Made? picks off where we left off last week in our live show. I was there, you guys. It was mind blowing. Gotta check that out! Especially if you want to know the movie for next week!

Myq Kaplan is going to be on Who Charted? and knowing his love of puns and silly word games, I feel like this is going to be a winner!


Greg Behrendt & Dave Anthony *Photo by Paul Armstrong

Do you guys listen to the Walking The Room podcast? Do you want to hear the hosts, Greg Behrendt and Dave Anthony, on The Wolf Den? Wish granted!

You really really REALLY shouldn’t miss this week’s Glitter In The Garbage. The guests are Jordan Black, Colleen Smith, Sam Pancake, Ron Morehouse and more! You’ll be picking the sequins out of your hair for weeks!

Janie Haddad Tompkins? More like Janie Had-YAY-d Tompkins. Doesn’t really work does it? Oh well, she’s going to be on Totally Laime this week! What a week!