Weeksidoodle: January 16, 2012

Hey friends. Those Golden Globes, am I right? Some people won some things and some people didn’t and that one show…okay, so I didn’t watch the Golden Globes. I was too busy PREPARING FOR A WEEK OF PODCAST DOMINATION! Join me!

Comedy Bang! Bang! this week features an old friend and a new friend: First timer Nick Offerman and everyone’s favorite pig, I mean actor, Paul Giamatti. I think you’ll respond a little something like this:


You’re welcome in advance, because this week’s Professor Blastoff is all about altruism.

Of course we’re revisiting Crank on How Did This Get Made?! Of course! Not only because it’s one of the best crazy movies ever, but Brian Taylor (the co-writer and director) is joining us this time around!

Matt Besser was on Who Charted?! a long, long time ago (in podcast years). I guess we should have him back, huh? Makes sense….

Speaking of Matt Besser, he’s back with yet another improv4humans! This week features Andy Daly, Horatio Sanz and Joe Wengert. You guys have all seen Inside the Master Class, right? If you love Besser and improv, you sort of have to watch it. Seriously. I’m about to make your day:

Curtis Gwinn has delighted us on How Did This Get Made? and improv4humans. Prepare to be ultra delighted by him this week as he takes a step into the Totally Laime household for an hour of delightfulness.