Weeksidoodle: January 23

Hey friends! How is everyone! I am busy. WE are busy. Earwolf is busy. Check out some of what we’re busy doing.

There are three lovely ladies joining us this week on Comedy Bang! Bang!: Tig Notaro, master of foley, and Ronna & Beverly. I think you’ll be hearing more of Ronna and Bev here on Earwolf! More to come on that…


Professor Blastoff is a lot like that Ted Nugent song, “IT’S A FREE FOR ALL!” Don’t worry though, there won’t be any Ted Nugent.

How Did This Get Made?! is a minisode this week. What do you think the movie will be? Oh my gosh you’re so wrong!

I know that you all watch Childrens Hospital. You simply MUST! So you must be as excited as I am for Erinn Hayes to join Who Charted?! this week!


The rest of the week will just have to be a surprise!