Weeksidoodle: January 2

You guys! It’s 2012! How is that even possible? There is a chance that one of the podcasts I’m going to mention will be the first podcast you listen to in 2012. Thus, it is with great pride that I present the following to you.

Comedy Bang! Bang! starts the year off right with two audience favorites: Andy Richter and Werner Herzog (we tried to get Paul F. Tompkins but he was unavailable).

Have you already started cheating on your New Year’s Resolutions? Then I guess this week’s Professor Blastoff about cheating is perfect for you!

Remember how a few days ago you counted down the seconds until midnight? Well now you’ll be counting down the seconds until Twilight…an episode of How Did This Get Made? about Twilight with Doug Benson, that is. Yes, these are only going to get more awkward and ham-fisted. Moving on.

Coming in at #1 on the “Best Episodes of Who Charted? of 2012,” the winner by a long shot: THIS WEEK’S EPISODE WITH DAVID WAIN! Granted, it is the only episode eligible.

This year’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve featured Ryan Seacrest, Jenny McCarthy, and Lady Gaga. this week’s improv4humans features Curtis Gwinn, Sean Conroy and Brett Gelman!

Should old acquaintance be forgotten? Not if that acquaintance is Laraine Newman, who is finishing out the week on Sklarbro Country! So let’s pop some champagne, make out with a stranger, and have the best Earwolf New Year’s Week ever!