Weeksidoodle: January 30

It’s almost February you guys! Don’t forget to pay your rent. And, landlords, remember to wait until after Friday (payday) to cash your tenant’s rent checks because they’re probably really nice people who HAVE the money but are sometimes bad about saving money but they’re good for it I swear. *Phew* ON WITH THE SHOW NEWS!

Do you guys have a “litmus test” TV show? A show that you bring up when meeting new people and if they don’t love it, you know the relationship isn’t going anywhere? Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! is often that show for me, so I’m THRILLED that Tim & Eric themselves are joining James Adomian as guests on Comedy Bang! Bang! this week!

Don’t you wish you could time travel to Tuesday to get your weekly Professor Blastoff fix? Well, I can’t really help you there, but maybe once you hear this episode about the very topic you’ll be prepared for next week!

Have you guys watched Trespass yet? Paul, June, and Jason did and they made Rachael Harris join them. It is this week’s selection for How Did This Get Made? so hop to it!


Speaking of Jason Manztoukas, he’s on Who Charted? this week! I can sense you all getting excited. You are correct in your excitement.

Do you guys follow Megan Amram on Twitter? If not, you’ve made a mistake. I’ll forgive you if you tune in to Totally Laime this week where she is yukking it up.