Weeksidoodle: November 21

Earwolf Week at a Glance

Hey Earwolves. We’re doing things a little bit differently this week. Because we know many of you have better things to do on Thursday than wait for podcasts to download, we’re adjusting our schedule a touch. Glitter In The Garbage and improv4humans will come out early on Wednesday. The Wolf Den will be delayed a day and come out on Friday. And what with it being a crazy week, I don’t have all the guest info I would normally have. But here’s what I got!

We have a couple of old buddies and some new friends for you this week on Comedy Bang! Bang! Making their debut performance are Grant-Lee Phillips and Margaret Cho. Our returning guests are the always talented David Wain and the always inappropriate Dov Charney. Enjoy!


The Apple Sisters

The Apple Sisters have spent the past three weeks preparing for a visit from President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He finally shows up this week and sounds oddly like Andy Daly.

How Did This Get Made? is a minisode week, but if you try really hard you can probably guess the film to be done next. I mean, there were posters and everything.

I’m not going to be coy with you. Kyle Kinane is going to be on Who Charted?! It’s probably going to be the highlight of your week, way more so than Thanksgiving. So be prepared for that.

This week’s improv4humans features three spectacular humans. Chad Carter is there once again, and we have the Earwolf premiere of Charlie Sanders* and Joe Wengert.

*Okay, yes, Charlie was on Totally Laime but that was before it was part of Earwolf. Doesn’t mean you can’t go back and listen to it. In fact, I would encourage you to do that.

Speaking of Totally Laime (“Great segue Caroline!” “Thanks, Earwolf listener!”), it looks like Totally Laime is in need of charts! Kulap Vilaysack leaves Howard’s side to chat with Elizabeth and Andy.

So far only one Sklarbro Country guest has made two appearances, and we’re about to make it three! Patton Oswalt is back! It’s a thanksgiving miracle! God bless us every one!