Weeksidoodle: November 7

Earwolf Week at a Glance

Hi Earfriends! There is a chill in the air where I live, and it makes me want to just crawl up in a million blankets and listen to podcasts. Feeling similarly? I can help you out!

This week on Comedy Bang! Bang! we have three fresh-faced youngsters of the comedy scene. We’ve got SNL’s Bobby Moynihan. We’ve got internet superstar Jenny Slate. We’ve got Earwolf’s newest host Elizabeth Laime. We’ve got a fun time is what we’ve got! More Jenny Slate below!

The Apple Sisters love the holiday season! Straight off their month long “Halloween Boosical Spooktacular” they’re back with an Election Day themed episode that’ll have you voting for more!

How Did This Get Made? is an announcement-sode this week. NO SPOILERS! You’ll have to listen yourself!

Who Charted? just had a killer show in Seattle and they’re ready for their homecoming! The special guest is the one and only Ben Schwartz! Cue the Jean-Ralphio video!

So, I’m on The Wolf Den a little bit this week, so I won’t even try to be unbiased. It’s basically the best episode of anything ever. The REAL guest is Chris Gethard who is funny and smart and nice and has amazing insights into this crazy business known as show. Also, I’M ON IT! How can you go wrong?!?

Glitter In The Garbage this week features Patrick Bristow from Whose Line Is It Anyway? and David Jahn from My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. This is going to be a good one!

Man, Keith Powell is so funny on 30 Rock as Toofer. It’s too bad he’s not going to be on any of our podcasts this week. WAIT JUST A MINUTE! I got a breaking news alert that he is in fact going to be on Totally Laime! Phew, that would have really damaged my journalistic integrity had I screwed that one up.

Start getting excited NOW for Sklarbro Country this week! The guest is none other than the super talented and hilarious Will Forte! Talk about a get!