Weeksidoodle: October 24

Hey Earwolves! What up playaz!?!?! I can’t really pull that off, can I? Is everyone getting excited for all that free candy you’re going to get next week? Let’s see if we can’t tide you over with some yummy free podcasts! Oh, and by the way, for those who follow the Earmail/Earblog I’m going to change things up a bit. From now on, instead of saying “I don’t know the guest on this show” I’m just going to LEAVE IT OFF! Wooo! Challenging the status quo!!! Alright, let’s get to it.

Earwolf Week at a Glance

Jon Heder *Photo by Mary Ellen Matthews

This week’s Comedy Bang! Bang! is star studded! We’ve got Jon Heder who we all know from Napoleon Dynamite and the upcoming Napoleon Dynamite animated show. We’ve got Hank Williams, Jr. who you all know from his Monday Night Football debacle. We’ve got Harris Wittels who we all know from being on Comedy Bang! Bang! all the time. It’s a fun one, guys. I think Heder is the first Earwolf guest who I previously dressed up as for Halloween, which is just the most delightful segue to bring up the Earwolf Costume Show & Tell!

We’re halfway through The Apple Sisters’ “Halloween Boosical Spooktacular.” Still on the edge of your seat? Well you’re going to get even closer to the floor as The Apple Sisters welcome a couple of ghost hunters who you may know as Megan Grano and Scot Robinson. Get ready for your nightmares to be plagued with swing music and sexual innuendo!

How Did This Get Made? is fun-sized this week, as we get a minisode announcement. Speaking of announcements (nailed it) did you hear the announcement of the LIVE How Did This Get Made? You can get more info right here. Man, I really really nailed that segue.

I don’t know if you can sense excitement in print, so I’ll just tell you straight up: I am very excited. Why? Because JIMMY PARDO is on Who Charted? Will Cajun Jimmy know about the box office toppers? Will Stallone in a Bottle have an opinion on the music chart? Will Dice’s Lady have a problem with the chart game? These are all Jimmy Pardo “characters” for those who aren’t Never Not Funny listeners.

So, I bet right about now you’re all “I’m excited about Jimmy Pardo on Who Charted?” And, you think I’m going to be all “Well, that’s all the Jimmy Pardo you’re going to get this week,” but that’s NOT what I’m going to be all! I’m going to be all “Jimmy Pardo is also going to be on The Wolf Den.” And, you’re going to be all “that’s great news! I am very excited!” And, I’m going to be all “I know, right?”

Totally Laime this week features singer, actress, improviser and all around awesome gal Rachel Bloom. She’s been on The Apple Sisters a couple of times, so she’s no stranger to these here parts. Treat her nice, and keep checking out Totally Laime’s YouTube channel where you can see video highlights from previous episodes.

Joe Lo Truglio

Here is something you might not know about me but you should. I love The State. It’s the best. I keep a running total of how many State members appear on Earwolf and on which shows. I never get more excited than when someone from The State is going to be on an Earwolf show. So imagine how excited I am to tell you that Joe Lo Truglio is on Sklarbro Country this week! What a delightful end to the week!