Hey Wolfpack – we’ve been hearing your requests for info regarding CTR, and haven’t been able to discuss it for a while.  But we can now unfortunately announce that Cyber Thug and Miles Archer have decided not to continue doing their show.  This was not a creative decision – the show was not canceled, nor was it given any direction at all by anyone at the Earwolf Network.  This is purely their decision not to continue with us.  As fans of them and the show, we hope they will start it somewhere on the web in the near or distant future – starting perhaps by jacking some other fool’s podcast – and of course, if they do, we will be the first to alert you to where you can find it!

We apologize for getting you all excited about something that was perhaps premature, but at least we got to hear two great episodes.  And if you’re disappointed, please let them hear that you’d like to see it somewhere in the future.

Exciting announcements regarding upcoming shows on the way in the new year!