Who Charted? 1 Million Downloads & New T-shirts

Happy Who Charted? Day! If there was an Earwolf Mayor and an Earwolf City, Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack would be receiving the Earwolf “Key to the City” today, in honor of surpassing 1 million downloads this week. Quite an accomplishment! But, alas, there’s no Earwolf City or Mayor…at least not yet.

Instead, to celebrate the occasion, you can snag yourself a sweet new Who Charted? T-shirt. And then pretend it’s a key to the Earwolf City. Then, with your trusty T-shirt-key you can open any door all across Earwolf City– Wait! I can’t walk you the entire way through this Earwolf fantasy. Let’s just assume Earwolf City is a lot like McDonaldland.

Congrats to Kulap and Kremer for surpassing the 1-million download mark, bringing the charts and laughs straight to the people. Looking forward to the next batch of shows and million downloads. This week, be sure to share your favorite Who Charted? moments and episodes in the forums and online.

Check-out their latest episode, “The Return of Suit McGoo,” featuring Paul F. Tompkins – released today!

Thanks to Aaron Nester for another amazing T-shirt design!