Bag Of Cell Phones

Sklarbro Country #48 June 24, 2011

Bad news guys! We taped a great episode of Sklarbro Country with Steven Seagal as a guest but, well…Shaq recorded over it with his sex tape. Fortunately Tig Notaro (of The Sarah Silverman Program) and Kyle Dunnigan (Craig on Reno 911) of Professor Blastoff stepped in and made a ten times better episode with stories of their past pilots and impressive Johnny Carson impressions. As if that isn’t enough, our good friend Bruce Jenner stops back by to catch us up on the success of his Jenn-ocide seminar and tell us about his new breakfast cereal (available exclusively at Costco). Hitch up those pants and get to listening! Oh, and thanks to Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue for his awesome Ziggy Sklardust portrait (check it out in the episode pictures).

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